06Nov17 Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Editor Guide on Steam.

10Sep16 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin' released on Steam. Making me feel old - I started modding this game in 2006, 10 years gone by...

8Sep15 SPAM EMAILS (see note 23Jul15) Various individuals continue to use an email address associated with this site, for sending spam to an unknown number of recipients. My email address is forged by them to allow access through email checkers/blockers that might otherwise reject hotmail, gmail, aol and other throw-away type email addresses. These actions are now returning to me 200+ "Mail Delivery Failed" (return) messages per day - the forgers have directed mail to (mostly) non-existent email addresses. I have no idea how many emails are arriving at valid email addresses, purporting to be from my site and containing junk or mailicious content. Given the transient nature of addresses used by forgers at hotmail, gmail, aol and others, efforts to shut them down by the email service providers would be futile. It has become a waste of my time reporting forgers to these email service providers. These emails do not originate from my end, and I am unable to put any block in place. If you have received any email containing junk or mailicious content, a check of the email headers will reveal the email address of the forger (typically hotmail, gmail, aol), that being the email address which is neither yours, nor from this site. Going forward, my investigations into forging of my email address(es) will not continue, and I will simply filter "Mail Delivery Failed" messages to the trash bin.

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28May15 Forum closed.

24May15 With the last post on this forum over six months ago, it would appear the forum is no longer relevant to the games and support it has provided over the years. The forum will be closed following a review of content that can/cannot be migrated to my website.

30Dec14 Some site cosmetics done. Uploaded 'Sabi' a SP map for Far Cry 4, my first wander around the FC4 Map Editor. See downloads>other mods. Play it from within the FC4 Map Editor.

29Dec14 Uploaded SCS Truck series conversion guide, UKTS Volvo for Extreme Trucker 2. Updated Far Cry 2 map "Newton Prison" mod by 'snake'.

26Oct14 The forum is open again, new membership is not automatic (to help keep out the bogans).

27May14 Some download links on this site were unavailable for temp period, and now restored.

03May14 The forum has been closed down until further notice.

02Feb14 Facebook:

02Feb14 If you're interested in the 'newish' Car Mechanic Simulator 2014, I have posted some How-To videos on my Facebook & YouTube pages, click the Facebook/YouTube icon on my homepage/Links. The videos step through the various mechanical repairs in the game (actions to perform), they do not step you through each level.

08Jan14 Farm Simulator 2009-2013 help guides from the forum converted to PDF and available for download. These guides will for a short time also remain available on the Forum.

03Dec13 Site re-construction underway, I hope any inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

01Nov13 SCS Truck Game help guides from the forum converted to PDF and available for download - Change Start Truck, Create Ogg Sound Files, Custom Truck Storage. These guides will for a short time also remain available on the Forum.

18Sep13 Site visitors counter brought up to date.

14Aug13 Some touch-ups to my USA3 Map for Haulin'. See forum 18 WOS HAULIN>glenn52 USA3 Map...

04Jul13 My 18WoS Map Editor Guide has undergone some revision. The document, now my SCS Truck Game Series Map Editor Guide, is available as a PDF download. Click the Games link above, follow the SCS Truck games links. A complete rewrite was planned (see Forum) but with no interest from the community, any major overhaul of the document is not on the table at this time.

08May13 Added 6 more mods by Halmqvist. See forum for more info & images on these mods.

29Apr13 Added extra download page for SCS truck series mods from Halmqvist. More still to add, see forum for articles on the downloads.

17Apr13 12 more mods from Halmqvist uploaded to In the next few days I should have the necessary download page with thumbnails, text & links completed.

09Apr13 Hosted Halmqvist's mod Big Trailer for ETS. See forum article.

08Apr13 My 18WoS Map Editor Guide has been taken down from site for planning of full rewrite of the document. See article in forum, contributions to the new SCS Editor guide welcome.